Hey Marketing, Where Did Your Content Go?

Bryce Raley
By: Bryce Raley
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So next week, we're hosting an Open House over here at the SQUAD. If you haven't yet, take a quick second (well minute) and RSVP. We'd love to have you stop by, see our place, meet our team and have some fun. If it's a SQUAD event, you can bet we're gonna have some fun.

Details For The Marketing Squad Open House

    • We have the Holy Molé Truck lined up serving tacos and Mexican fair from 3- 6 p.m.
    • Official Ribbon Cutting at 3:30 p.m with the folks from GLI (Greater Louisville Inc.)
    • Live "Winning at Small Business" podcast
    • Changing of the letters at 4:30 p.m. - goodbye "Content," hello "Marketing!"
    • Tasty desserts
    • We will also be showcasing new exciting capabilities

So now that you know we're taking a pause to celebrate the name change we made back in the spring, I want to assure you that one of our greatest core competencies and differentiators, content marketing, is still alive and well.

We are replacing the word Content with Marketing in our name, but we're not walking away from what got us here.

We hear time and again from clients that agencies they have worked with in the past may have been strategic, and they may have been creative, but they often struggled with execution and implementation. I'll be honest, as one of the partners in this business, I've seen first hand the challenges to staffing and managing the ongoing marketing programs of 25 + partner programs. It's not easy. It's much easier to have a starting and stopping point. Start a project. Finish a project. Call us if you need us. Here are your keys. Have at it. Please don't call— fingers crossed.

That can be the MO (aka modus operandi) of many digital marketing agencies. I'm not faulting them. It's the easier path to staff and plan for. If these agencies do engage in ongoing support of their clients, it's often in the form of hosting, boiler plate SEO services, or digital ad management. Some of these are set it and forget it strategies that don't require monthly strategic meetings, editorial planning, constant refinement, and analytics reviews for the sake of making meaningful decisions. If you just give me consulting and advice without the help I need to execute, then I feel a little cheated. Maybe you feel the same way. Well the good news is that we can help you on the front end and help you execute along the way. It's in our DNA as an agency. We're not perfect, but we are striving for perpetual improvement.

When you differentiate yourself with ongoing content strategies and management, then you have to have a focus on business development or it's all for naught. That's why everyone in our sales conversations, and every strategic monthly meetings has overtones of business development. If you're not looking to grow your business, well we're probably not the best fit to work together. And that's okay.

All that being said, please take a moment and RSVP for our Open House. Technically you don't have to, of course. You can just stop by the day of, but Brooke Moody, our office facilitator loves when a plan comes together. So make her day and sign up now.

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