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The Five Key Areas of Your Marketing

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Grow Your 
Empower Your 
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Amplify Your Brand

Amplifying your brand has everything to do with what your brand looks and sounds like. Marketing’s job is to elevate your brand above all others…or at least your direct competition…in the eyes of your target audience.
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Grow Your Audience

Great marketing takes a consistent, steady approach to attracting a larger audience, so you can engage more customers and delight them until they are your raving fans. A few considerations must be made if you’re in a growth mindset.
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Empower Your Sales Team

Effective marketing works hand-in-hand with the sales function of a thriving business. Where marketing is responsible for capturing the lead and cultivating it toward a sale, the sales team should still be able to lean on the marketing team to help create, close, and ultimately capitalize on the deal.
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Sharpen Your Tools

New tools and techniques are constantly introduced, and an organization that stands idly by resting on the laurels of last decade’s hard work will get passed by. You need to commit to regularly sharpening your digital tools, ensuring they are up to the task of meeting the demands of supporting a dynamic business.
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Build Your Team

Most people think workforce health is an HR problem to solve, but the influence marketing can have on recruitment, retention, and organizational success cannot be overstated. Marketing can make significant contributions to your company’s bottom line but shoring up some of the following considerations.
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Journey with Us

Life is a journey, and so is your marketing.

It may be a short trip, or it may be a long trek through the ups and downs of working to grow your business. Part of any meaningful journey is discovering what route works best for you. You want to be set up for success when you reach your destination.

This journey will look different for some. You might only need to make one stop to find what you need. Or maybe you’ll decide that you wouldn’t mind checking out a few more places before heading home. This is why we’ve created The Marketing Squad Journey Map.

We want to guide you as you embrace the adventure of marketing your brand and ultimately launching to success. Whether it’s the exciting thrill of building content and optimizing your social media or the careful work of building reliable core values and internal communication, each stop offers a unique opportunity to grow the world of your business.

The key to marketing success is putting one foot in front of the other and embracing all of the unknowns that your journey has to offer. You may discover some amazing opportunities along the way. Because telling your story and growing your business doesn’t happen standing still.

Choose Your Path

We work with business owners and leaders in a number of ways. We can help guide you to the path that fits your marketing needs and budget – whether that’s ongoing with access to our entire strategic and creative team, occasionally within a marketing program or support hours, or one-time for an important project.

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Executing a comprehensive marketing strategy for growth
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Managing foundational marketing activity and maintenance
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Producing defined deliverables to meet your objectives

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