Ongoing Marketing Partnership

Marketing Partner
Do you have goals but lack the plan or people to achieve them? You need an ongoing marketing partnership. 
Forgive us for being so bold, but we've created a partnership model we're proud of. It's one of our differentiators, actually, because many agencies prefer the quick turn of short-term projects.

In contrast, our ongoing partnerships have allowed businesses to overcome feeling overwhelmed and limitations in their capacity because our team members stepped in. That's the power of outsourced marketing!

Our ongoing model includes a rhythm of collaborating with you month over month – planning, executing, and analyzing our outcomes – all to achieve your goals.

Here’s how we can partner together

Ongoing Partnership

We typically work directly with a business owner or we may even act as an extension of your in-house marketing team. Whatever the arrangement, we're all about supporting you, month in and month out, with the right digital tools and business storytelling – committing to your goals as our own!

Pricing Guide

Basic Support Package – $125/hr

If you have a marketing team but need extra hands to do the work, our hourly support can help. This basic package goes best toward a skill like copywriting, graphic design, or Google ads. If that idea makes you breath easier, let’s go! However, if your business needs comprehensive and custom marketing, check out our strategic partnerships! With that, you get an entire team that feels like your own (just outsourced) running after you goals alongside you!

This could include some of the following:
  • Graphic Design & Photography
  • Blogging & Social Media
  • Google Advertising
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Quarterly Review of Initiatives

Strategic Marketing Partnership – Starts at $4,000/month

You don’t need to worry about your marketing when you have a trusted partner who hears your needs and has the resources to take action on them. An ongoing marketing partnership unlocks the door to everything you need to grow. You’ll get leadership AND a listening ear. You’ll get a marketing plan AND an agile team that feels like your own. You’ll get strategy AND the skills needed to do the work. All this at a lower cost than staffing an in-house department.

This partnership connects you with whatever you need to succeed, such as:
  • Strategy & Campaign Development
  • Weekly, Monthly, & Quarterly Checkpoints
  • Analytics Dashboard & Strategic Insights
  • Website Hosting & Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Graphic Design & Video
  • Blogging, Social Media, & Email Marketing
  • Digital Advertising

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