Managed WordPress Website Hosting

Is my WordPress website secure?
Is it as fast as it should be?
Is it reliable and functioning properly?

The Marketing Squad gives you
the confidence to answer YES every time!

We partner with the world class hosting servers of WP Engine to provide you peace of mind and ensure your website is always working for you. If you're looking for a dedicated storage and maintenance solution that is monitored by real life people (that's us!), then our managed website hosting plan is for you. 

Managed WordPress Hosting Services Include:

  • Proactive malware scanning
  • Daily website backup
  • One-click restore available
  • Realtime site uptime monitoring
  • Automated updates to WordPress core framework
  • Automated WordPress plugin updates

No long-term contract required, we simply ask that you give us 30-days notice should you decide to transfer your website from our hosting.

Timely and Efficient Support

Hosting your WordPress website with The Marketing Squad gives you access to US-based support services via our online support ticketing system with follow-up email or phone calls as needed. Any support needed outside of the managed hosting agreement is available through our Support Team and billed in 15-minute increments.

Managed WordPress Website Hosting
Monthly Pricing

Website Hosting starting at $77 per site

Marketing Analytics Add-Ons

Select our scalable add on services to see how your website is performing for your business. We'll connect your website and marketing technology to a custom dashboard that you can access at any time.

Get all your marketing insights in one place!

dashboard preview

Marketing Analytics Dashboard

Access to customized dashboard showing data for website traffic, social media engagement, email readership, ad performance, and more.

per month

Website Position Tracking Report

Monthly pdf report showing overall website visibility, keyword ranking, top pages and more

per month

Website Health Report

Monthly pdf report showing overall site health and issues affecting SEO performance

per month


Get a customized dashboard and both reports for a discounted rate

per month

Protect Your Business with a Website Legal Compliance Plan

If you are collecting any information from your website visitors, and it’s likely you are, then you are opening yourself up to legal liability. At The Marketing Squad, we utilize a privacy policy generation solution that will adapt to comply with the new laws being passed regularly by countries, states, and other governing bodies. The goal is to keep you compliant and protected without having to chase the details of the ever-changing legal landscape.

Consider adding a Website Legal Compliance plan to your website hosting.

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