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Having a captive audience means everything when you're trying to sell something. The challenge is getting people to stop and take notice.

Our goal isn’t to interrupt you while you’re focused on something else – “Sorry buddy, I came to Costco today to buy some Kirkland all-fit jeans, not to switch mobile carriers on a whim.” – it’s to be found when you’re seeking a solution to your problem.

Great marketing takes a consistent, steady approach to attracting a larger audience, so you can engage more customers and delight them until they are your raving fans. A few considerations must be made if you’re in a growth mindset.

Strategy Development

Again, we have to begin with the end in mind. Do you have a marketing strategy developed based on measurable objectives that directly support the goals and vision of your business? Does the marketing strategy account for everything it should, like identifying a narrow target audience, the timing of approaches and campaigns, or the tactics you will commit to consistently employing? We really shouldn’t set our hands to work on any marketing activity until we have an agreement with the powers that be on a strategy.

Research and Content Planning

The goal is to be found when people are searching for solutions to the problems you solve. This starts with knowing what people are searching for – keyword research – and determining a plan for being found – content planning. Inbound marketing is rooted in the concept that creating content that answers questions and provides value converts visitors into customers. This doesn't happen by accident. It takes a methodical approach with a bias toward hitting publish.

Content Publishing

Publishing content takes many forms, but in terms of digital marketing, we’re talking about things like blogs, case studies, content offers (free stuff you give to your website visitors in exchange for an email address), videos, emails…the list goes on. What kind of content can you publish to your website and other channels that will address your audience’s questions?

Social Media

This is where you extend the reach of your newly published content. Do you know which platforms your audience engages? Does your marketing team know how to engage those platforms? Is using the right hashtags all it takes, or do you need to do something more creative to get in front of more eyeballs? Do you need to create a profile on the new social platform that was just released, or will it fade into the background just as quickly as it appeared?

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