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This is where most people start when they think about marketing, and so will we. Amplifying your brand has everything to do with what your brand looks and sounds like. In this post-modern age, your brand isn’t your logo stamped on a box, it’s everything about how your brand feels. It’s what people think of when they hear the name of your company or see your product. It’s the experience people have when interacting with your brand.

Marketing’s job is to elevate your brand above all others…or at least your direct competition…in the eyes of your target audience. In this regard, you have numerous considerations when seeking to Amplify Your Brand.

Logo Design

What does your logo design communicate? Is it time for an update? Does your 30-year-old logo scream outdated and behind the times or well-established and trustworthy? Maybe your company is a start-up, and your logo shouts, “I tinkered in Canva for hours on end, and this is the best I could come up with!” Your logo might be your first impression with your potential customers. Does it feel the way you want it to feel?

Brand Messaging

If people are moved to act by the words they hear or read, does your brand sound the way it should? Does it speak directly to your customer’s felt needs? Does your brand give your audience a sense of competence and confidence, or do the words you use simply confuse the very people you’re trying to help? Brand messaging starts with your slogan and extends into every piece of marketing your company will ever do.

Photo & Video

Second to your logo, the visuals you use might be the quickest way someone recognizes your brand. Have you curated a specific aesthetic with your photography? Do your videos lean on consistent editing techniques, animations, and graphics? Are you mindful of how your brand colors are incorporated into your imagery? Great photography and videography speak volumes about how you want to make a connection with your audience, especially in this digital, always online age.

Website Design

If the solution to everything is to “google it,” then what you look like online is of paramount importance. Everyone knows our attention spans are continuing to shorten, to the point now where research has shown that you have no more than 15 seconds to capture your website visitors before they make the decision to stay or go. (I think that number is generous and will only continue to go down.) Great website design brings together all the above elements into one cohesive experience and points your visitors to a clear call-to-action.


While we are an inbound marketing agency first, we see great value in strategically using advertising dollars to gain brand awareness, but that is never the end goal. We want to see lead forms completed and deals closed. Regardless, sometimes the quickest way to Amplify Your Brand to a new audience is through the judicious use of an advertising budget. Digital ads, billboards, streaming tv ads, etc – they can all get the job done – when used in support of other strategic marketing efforts.

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