Striving for Momentum: An Introduction to the Flywheel

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By: The Marketing Squad
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The idea of a marketing “funnel” is an age-old concept. Put potential customers at the top of the funnel and see how many go through the process and fall out at the end. The problem with this idea is the total lack of momentum. Customers fall out, and then who’s left to go back in? We hope those who made it through would share the word, but who’s to say?

That’s why Hubspot came up with the “flywheel.” This flywheel has three parts to it:

  1. Attract - typically marketing focused
  2. Engage - typically sales focused
  3. Delight - typically service focused

Here at The Marketing Squad, we’ve shifted our focus as a team to this flywheel model. We’ve grown our team by creating a Director of Connections and Developing role and an Agency Support Specialist role. Those roles push us toward our goal: to all be a part of the sales team. 

What does that mean exactly?

From our Director of Partner Marketing to our Content Manager, it is everyone’s job to attract, engage, and delight clients. We don’t want our team to be siloed (other than separating coffee consumers from sparkling water drinkers, of course). Instead, we want to fight against internal friction and help each other in our shared mission to tell your story and grow your business. 

So check out this video to see how we at the Marketing Squad have moved towards creating a culture based on the flywheel model.

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