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Striving for Momentum: An Introduction to the Flywheel

The idea of a marketing “funnel” is an age-old concept. Put potential customers at the top of the funnel and see how many go through the process and fall out at the end. The problem with this idea is the total lack of momentum. Customers fall out, and then who’s left to go back in? […]
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Google My Business – Why It Matters And Where To Start

Brief Overview Google My Business is critical to the digital presence of any business. Your Google My Business  account is the first thing people see when they search for your business and it is important to present them with basic information to visit, shop, or call you.  One other benefit is that local SEO rankings […]
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Use Brand Messaging to Reach Your Audience

As we know from the previous episode in our branding series, logos are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a business' brand. We believe every business should invest time in brand messaging. That’s what Kevin and Alea discuss in their episode of SquadTalks over Coffee. What is Brand Messaging? Simply put, […]
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You Have an Opportunity to Refine Your Marketing Approach

2020 has forced many small businesses to become focused in ways they didn’t imagine last winter. I’m not gonna go into the obvious details that we’ve all lived through recently. You’re very well aware of them every day. At The Marketing Squad, we’ve refined our approach during this time, and I’ll share how in this […]
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4 Things Your Website Should Have

Website Design: 4 Things Your Website Should Have Your website is the hub for your business presence online, which is why today we're going to chat about our approach to website design and the 4 things your website should do. There are many tactics that help connect a potential customer with your business, such as […]
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