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Marketing Plan Template

The Six T Marketing Plan Approach

We believe that every good marketing plan includes these six elements that answer the following questions:

  • Target – What is the primary objective, and who is your target audience?
  • Talking Points – What will you say to move your audience to action?
  • Tactics – What strategy will you employ to reach your desired outcomes?
  • Tools – What tools will help you save time and maximize your efforts?
  • Timeline – What is a reasonable timeline to execute tactics and see results?
  • Team – Who do you trust to carry out the work?

By addressing these six Ts you’ll be able to get buy-in from stakeholders and have a plan with which to rally your team. If the ultimate destination is the growth of your business, then your plan should tell you how to get there. This guided template will help you lay out the plan while ensuring you’ve covered all your bases.

The template is offered as a shared Google Doc that can be saved to your Google Drive or downloaded as a Word document.

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