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What Does Google Penguin Mean For You?

In late September, Google made some algorithm changes. I realize at this point you are wondering one of two things. First, you are likely wondering why in the heck we are just now relaying this information to you and it is December. The answer to that is relatively simple, we have been working with our […]
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The Art of Storytelling

Do you ever wonder why some stories draw you in while others don’t? In our day and age, stories are presented in the form of blog articles, TV shows, movies, or a good old fashion book. Regardless of the platform in which a story is delivered, well presented stories have a few key elements that […]
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Blogging Through Your FAQ

So many of our clients have extensive "frequently asked questions" (FAQs) on their websites because they took the time to address the questions their prospects and clients have. But often the FAQs are not as thorough as they should be. Using your blog to elaborate on the most asked questions is a great way to […]
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How Well Do You Know Your Marketing Lingo?

At The Squad, we like to meet with our program clients once a month and talk through how things are going. It is safe to say that in the first few meetings with a new client, we do a lot of educating on common marketing terms. If you plan to do work with us in […]
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Blogging Basics - Your Bread and Butter

Bread and butter. It's a classic term that insinuates the basics - what every company should "have at their table." You have your products that are your "bread and butter," which make up the core of your business, but what about the" bread and butter" of your marketing? Do you know your basics there? Blogging […]
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Hey Marketing, Where Did Your Content Go?

So next week, we're hosting an Open House over here at the SQUAD. If you haven't yet, take a quick second (well minute) and RSVP. We'd love to have you stop by, see our place, meet our team and have some fun. If it's a SQUAD event, you can bet we're gonna have some fun. […]
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“For we are what He has made us, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand to be our way of life.” -Ephesians 2:10
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