What Does Google Penguin Mean For You?

The Marketing Squad
By: The Marketing Squad
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In late September, Google made some algorithm changes. I realize at this point you are wondering one of two things.

First, you are likely wondering why in the heck we are just now relaying this information to you and it is December.

The answer to that is relatively simple, we have been working with our clients and making the changes suggested by Google Penguin. We've been ferreting out what these changes mean to you and how to apply them.

Why Should I Care About Google Penguin?

Secondly, you are likely wondering why you should care about these changes.

We can answer that question very quickly. You should care, you should care very much so, here is why:

Unlike previous changes to Google's algorithm, the changes that you make, good or bad, are rewarded in real time.

Say What?!

It all sounds pretty complicated, and it is in fact, one of Google's biggest changes yet so let's break this down to the main things to know.

  1. Google is really starting to crack down on spammy websites and the backlinks from them.
    In plain terms, sites that were once used for the sole purpose of creating link directories are no longer ranking as high as the once were. Additionally, if Google sees that a website is using backlinking tactics from these spam sites in order to rank higher, they are also being penalized.
  2. Content is still very much king.
    Solid content is still being rewarded on a large scale. Google wants websites to be providing value to the visitors of the site. Often that comes in the form of a blog post or even the content on the individual pages.
  3. The ranking changes happen in real time.
    Unlike years past when you had to wait for Google's bots to come back around to crawl your site, the changes are rewarded in real time. So the fruits of your labor are rewarded quickly and in the same note, they are also punished quickly as well.

If you think that your website can benefit from a little SEO love, we would love to have a conversation with you. We have had fun over the past few months getting to know the ins and outs of the update!

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