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At The Squad, we like to meet with our program clients once a month and talk through how things are going. It is safe to say that in the first few meetings with a new client, we do a lot of educating on common marketing terms. If you plan to do work with us in the future or would just like to have a better knowledge of basic marketing lingo, this blog is for you. By the end, you will know what we mean when we say CTA, PPC, SEO, content offers, and long-tail keywords. You may even learn a little bit about why these tools are useful for getting your brand or product seen in the digital world.


When you come to us for a polished new website, we are going to ask you to help us create around five strong CTAs. Let me break down what these are.

CTAs are Calls to Action.

When someone lands on your site, it's likely because they have read something of yours that helped them make an informed decision about your product or at least interested them. Once they reach your site, your job (or our job) is to make it as easy as possible for them to take the action that you are wanting them to take.

Do you want people to schedule an appointment? There should be a CTA that reads "Schedule an appointment here" on your home page. If you offer additional services, we will create CTAs to attract the attention of potential customers who are interested in learning more about those services. CTAs are like right hooks in boxing, and you need them to be there at just the right moment to win in the marketing world.

You can also have CTAs for when your potential customer/client is still in the research phase. The research phase is when prospects are still deciding on what product or service to go for. We can create a CTA asking the visitor to download a white paper on the pros and cons of your product or service. Helping your customer builds trust that goes a long way when they are finally ready to make a purchasing decision. When the time is right, they will be more likely to pick you!

To get a better idea of different types of CTAs for different groups of people that come to your website, check out this blog from HubSpot.


SEO is Search Engine Optimization.

Search engine optimization is what we do with your site to make sure that Google recognizes it as an authority. If you utilize SEO properly, your website will be found when people are searching for your product or service on search engines like Google and Bing.

There are many factors that play into SEO that would be exhaustive to list here, but if you do work with us in the future, you will definitely hear more about this word and strategies for optimizing your marketing plan.


Here's another acronym for you.

PPC stands for Pay Per Click.

This is important when we are doing Google ads for your company. We begin by conducting SEO research to determine what keywords people are searching for in your industry, and then we help you budget accordingly so that your site gets found when people are searching for your product or service.

If you sell Biewer Yorkie show dogs in Louisville, you will want your website to be on the top of the list when someone Googles "Biewer Yorkies Louisville" or "Biewer Yorkie show dogs."

By digging into Google Analytics, we can find out how much each click to your website is going to cost you when people search particular keywords. Then we can together determine the keywords that you want to put money behind.

Long-tail keywords

Long tail keywords are important when it comes to how Google ranks your page. They are also important for SEO or Google Adwords.

A long tail keyword is a phrase that is the focus point of a blog that you write and/or a page on your website.

Continuing with the dog example above, the breeder would use the long tail keyword "Biewer Yorkies for show," and try to make this the focus of many pages on the website. This is so the show dog breeder will be found when people are looking to buy a new biewer to raise and train for show. The main keyword or topic "yorkies" is not specific enough. By using "Biewer Yorkies for show" as the long tail keyword, people who are searching will find exactly what they are looking for on the breeder's page. Be sure to use long tail keywords like this example to make sure your potential customers can find your business when searching for your products or services.

Content Offer

The purpose of a content offer is to provide something valuable to your potential customers or clients in exchange for a small amount of their information.

For example, the breeder could create a content offer "The 10 Most Important Qualities Your Biewer Needs to Win Best in Show," and require that a first name, last name, and email address be provided in order to download the guide. With this contact information, the breeder could then send a follow-up email with pictures of the new litter and a personal invitation to come meet the puppies.

These are just a few terms that are used often around The Squad. Please leave a comment below and let us know of any other words that you would like some clarification on, and we will be more than happy to write a Part 2 on the Marketing Lingo!

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