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SquadU Recap | People Pleaser: How to Write For Your Audience

“If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it.” – Elmore Leonard In our recent SquadU, I spoke about a recent copywriting course I took in addition to some nuggets of advice I’ve picked up during my time as a copywriter. The course I took was simple and designed to offer good reminders, tips, and tricks. […]
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Dear Human, Remember Who You Are: Why AI is No Cause for Panic

As a copywriter, the technological advancements in AI carry a certain amount of foreboding. I have never been one to buy into conspiracy theories or spend too much time thinking about the end of the world. Yet, the idea of an automated system that can do in seconds what I do in minutes or even […]
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It's 2022 and Content is Still King in Your Marketing

If you ever have to stop and consider whether or not your audience understands what your business does, then chances are you're lacking in content. When it comes to marketing your business, there are few greater assets than quality content. It is often your first point of contact with a potential client, be that a […]
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You Have an Opportunity to Refine Your Marketing Approach

2020 forced many small businesses to become focused in ways they didn’t imagine. I’m not gonna go into the obvious details that we’ve all lived through recently. You’re very well aware of them every day. At The Marketing Squad, we refined our approach during that time, and I’ll share how in this post. Hopefully you’ll […]
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7 Marketing Trends for 2020

I believe a huge part of every business' growth can be attributed to an excellent marketing strategy, though I may be a little biased. The goal of this blog is to outline some of the key marketing trends for business marketing in 2020 that will be vitally important to your success. Everyone reading this will […]
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Hubspot and WP Engine Unite to Create the Ultimate Marketing Combination

Just short of 10 years ago, the world of marketing shifted before our very eyes. Hubspot introduced the concept of "inbound marketing" and inspired a change of course for our business, providing us with an exciting new vision for our partners. As a team, we love to learn, to stay atop of where the industry […]
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