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Content Curation Strategies

Content curation is an essential part of an effective content marketing strategy. The key to a successful content curation strategy is finding and sharing the content that will connect with your target audience. Like most things, this is easier said than done. At The Squad, we have developed a five-step process that we use to […]
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5 Tips to Win the Marketing Race

Derby season is in full swing in Kentucky. The Kentucky Derby is just a few days away and our community calendar is chock full of events and activities. Racing fans are scouring racing periodicals and other sources to make their picks to win the big race. I am not a Louisville native, nor a huge […]
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Squad U: Facebook Local Targeting

In our first installment of Squad U, Joel Gerdis shows us the benefits of local targeting through Facebook. If you are a business owner with a Facebook account (If you don't have one, create one!), Facebook advertising is an affordable way to target your marketing strategies and develop inexpensive campaigns around your business. What You […]
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Examples of Creative Copywriting From Serious Businesses

Creative copywriting may not be your style. That's OK. If your culture is a fun one though, then I think some of your copy should reflect that. We all want to laugh. We all want to be entertained. Deep down, it's just a need we all have as humans. One of our partners, Jay Stewart, […]
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What is Smarketing?

When sales and marketing align within a business, great things can happen. And that is Smarketing. I think this past post from Mark Roberge of HubSpot hit it on the head. Smarketing As companies continue to increase the percentage of leads that originate from inbound marketing, effective alignment of sales and marketing becomes a critical area of organizational design. If […]
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