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The Marketing Squad
By: The Marketing Squad
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Just short of 10 years ago, the world of marketing shifted before our very eyes.

Hubspot introduced the concept of "inbound marketing" and inspired a change of course for our business, providing us with an exciting new vision for our partners.

As a team, we love to learn, to stay atop of where the industry is headed, and to ultimately provide our clients with the resources and materials they need to win. That’s why it’s so important and exciting for us when we find resources that allow us to tell stories and grow businesses more effectively and deliver the best results possible, time and time again. Hubspot's inbound marketing methodology was – and still is today – just that.

Because of this, we were honored to become a Hubspot Gold Partner in 2012, an honor we still hold!





Around the same time, we discovered the benefits of Studio Press – where we could create a customized WordPress theme for our clients. This led us to become digital marketing and inbound methodology gurus for our clients.

Our history with these companies put us in on the ground floor of two major players in the world of digital marketing – which was compounded when Studio Press teamed up with WP Engine, who we’ve used for several years to host our sites!

Now, we’re excited to share a new development in the world of Hubspot, WP Engine, and Studio Press...

Hubspot & WP Engine Announced Unique Partnership

A few weeks ago, Hubspot announced a unique partnership with WP Engine.

This partnership means the marriage of one of our favorite marketing automation tools and CRMs (Hubspot) and our favorite CMS (WP Engine), resulting in an affordable, simple, efficient, and consumer-friendly lead capture and contact management integration!

As I detailed above, we’ve been utilizing the capabilities of Hubspot, Studio Press, and WP Engine individually for several years now and are excited to see how this new partnership will help our clients win like never before.

It also uniquely positions us to provide expert knowledge and experience with these programs for our partners and website clients.

What this Partnership Offers Users

Hubspot’s goal was to align with WP Engine to help turn WordPress websites into customer-focused growth engines.

Hubspot has had a WordPress plugin available for a few years now, but this partnership provides an exclusive plugin for Studio Press themes and gives these theme users automatically integrated (and free!) Hubspot tools (more than ever before).

These include:

  • Forms and pop-up forms for better lead capturing on websites
  • Live chat to interact with website visitors in real-time and bots to provide an automated response after-hours
  • Automatic syncs with HubSpot CRM that provide the full context across all forms, pop-up forms, and live chat interactions
  • Simple email automation to quickly engage with leads after each form submission
  • Visitor tracking and lead intelligence for insight into which pages contacts view on websites for better personalization

This means that Hubspot is able to provide more tools with fewer plugins, fewer opportunities for coding errors or conflicts, and a more centralized source of customer and prospect data.

The reason WP Engine is the perfect partner for this integration is that it is one of the top leaders in SMB WordPress hosting. There’s a reason we chose to utilize WP Engine several years ago!

Though Hubspot offers its own CMS that works seamlessly with all of its tools, WordPress hosts roughly 34% of all websites. This unique partnership simply makes it possible to provide better service and results to customers who utilize WP Engine AND Hubspot.

By making all these tools available to users through this unique partnership, Hubspot and WP Engine are giving users a chance to simplify their websites and create a more streamlined approach to lead generation and nurturing.

How This Will Change Our Process

This won’t have a huge effect on our process because we’ve been utilizing all of these programs and tools for years!

Hubspot and WP Engine's partnership simply allows us to continue utilizing these tools in order to better tell our partners’ stories and grow their businesses.

That’s our mission!

If you’re utilizing any or all of these programs (WP Engine, Studio Press, and/or Hubspot), we can help. We have nearly 10 years of experience with Hubspot, WordPress, and Studio Press and nearly 5 years of experience with WP Engine.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this new partnership, but don’t know where to start, we’ll review your website for free and provide you with a detailed report to determine the health of your website.

Or just grab coffee with us. We’d love to meet you, talk with you, and discuss how you could better utilize or implement Hubspot and WP Engine’s partnership to generate leads!

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