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Joel Gerdis
By: Joel Gerdis
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So many of our clients have extensive "frequently asked questions" (FAQs) on their websites because they took the time to address the questions their prospects and clients have. But often the FAQs are not as thorough as they should be. Using your blog to elaborate on the most asked questions is a great way to help build your web traffic and new visitors. Link to your blog from the FAQs and elaborate by using two or three paragraphs to explain the answer to the question in greater detail. Future prospects just may find their way to you as a result of that blog. Here are some tips to get a little more mileage out of blogging your way through your FAQs.

Less Is More

I know I just told you to elaborate on your FAQ but you don't need to write a novel. If you only have a few lines in response to a question on the FAQ it would be helpful to expand your response into a couple paragraphs in a blog about the same topic. Think of a few ways to ask the question or variations of the question you have heard over time that might result in a slightly different answer or response. Address each of the nuances, if any, that exist around a particular question.

Give More Value And Invite Questions

Instead of just answering a question, think about additional content someone might be interested in because they are asking a certain question. Is there a guide or tips you could offer them that are related to their question? We had a client in industrial safety equipment that had extremely technical content and the people who needed help had to abide by national regulations. Those regulations were interpreted differently across multiple states. They decided to create an "Ask The Expert" button on their blog and website that helped people ask very specific questions. Often the questions submitted through the "Ask The Expert" page would give us great ideas for new blogs. Be looking for new ways to help answer problems and create ways to encourage visitors on your website to ask more questions.

The Top Three For The Sales Team

Sometimes your FAQ's are very simple and easy to answer, so it may be hard to elaborate on them. Try taking the top three most asked questions and combine them into a single blog. You may find this becomes a great piece of content for your sales team to use to educate new potential buyers. Turn the top three blog into a downloadable piece on your homepage and see if this gets you any new prospects. Whoever answers the buyers' questions first, the easiest, and fastest just got the competitive advantage.

Poll Your Customers And Edit Your Copy

If you haven't done this, you should consider polling your new customers about the top questions they have when educating themselves on the products or services you provide. Ask them to provide three or four of the most important questions they had when considering working with you. Ask them for the answers to those questions. Perception trumps reality. Their answers may not be what you think you presented to them. I know there have been times I think I have done a good job of communicating who we are as a company, but I have heard people tell others something completely different than what I told them. Never underestimate peoples' ability to misunderstand you.

You should consider the answers to your FAQs when you are looking at your website copy. Are you doing an adequate job of answering their questions throughout the website or does someone have to go to your FAQ to get an answer? You might find out you can work yourself out of having a FAQ by editing the copy on your website to address questions people have and save them the trouble of finding it elsewhere. Blogging in further detail about the most asked questions will help you become better at answering the problem simply through the discipline of writing your thoughts out. The more you do it the better you will be at helping your customers.

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