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Allow me to introduce you to our social media management partner, HeyOrca. HeyOrca is a Canada-based company that specializes in social media planning and execution to allow for maximum client interaction and collaboration. It’s designed for agencies just like ours that manage various social media accounts for a large amount of clients.

HeyOrca has many benefits and we love the ease and multi-functionality of its capabilities. If you are a current partner of ours, and we work on your social media accounts, then you may already be familiar with some of the functionality of this great tool. If you are unfamiliar, new to working with us, or just want to know more about how you can be more involved with your social media planning and scheduling, then read on!

Organized Social Media Accounts for Multiple Companies

When you are an agency, managing multiple partner accounts with 3+ social media channels each, it is imperative that you stay organized. HeyOrca gives us a streamlined dashboard showing each of our client's logo's in alphabetical order. We can then enter each social media channel under each partner's account dashboard. Everything is neatly organized and easy to manage. Switching between partner dashboards is a breeze.

Easy Content Planning for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & More!

HeyOrca is a great tool for content planning. The calendar function really has a dual purpose. You can use it to view posts that are scheduled to go out, but you can also use it as a content planning tool. It's a great way to note when special events, promotions, or anything else that is critical to share on social are taking place. When collaborating with a partner, they can easily enter important information that we then turn around and use to shape how we create their social media content.

Team Collaboration for Creating Social Media Content

HeyOrca allows for multiple team members, both internal and external to collaborate. HeyOrca considers agency staff "internal" users, and partner team members are considered "external" users. Both are easily added to partner accounts to allow for all team members to collaborate and communicate on content. Varying levels of permissions are easily set to allow for limited access if that is desired. For example, a user can be set to only be able to view content but not necessarily be able to edit or approve content. There is also a handy commenting function that allows for easy communication between all parties.

Direct Publishing on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

No need to log into every channel to publish and manage social media, HeyOrca allows for direct publishing. Once given access to directly publish, posts can be created, scheduled, and published all from HeyOrca. It makes for an extra seamless and time-efficient social media scheduling process.

Client Approval on Social Media

Functionality within the software allows our partners to easily approve, reject, or publish content that we create. This is a great way for us to make sure we are capturing their voice correctly and only publishing content that they are 100% excited about. Once a post is set in "Approved" mode, it is automatically slated to publish at the date and time selected. Any other status other than "Approved" or "Publish Now" and the post will not go out. It's a great built-in security feature to make sure only the best content that our partners love is being shared.

Analytics for Each Social Media Channel in One Convenient Place

Want to see how each post performed? That data is easily accessible in each partner dashboard. Data such a page likes, post engagement, top trending/performing posts, shares, likes, comments, and more is all readily available within the time parameter of your choosing. In our current digital world, tracking analytics, growth, and progress is huge. As an agency, we use various tools to track and monitor analytics for our partners - HeyOrca's built in function is a great one that we currently utilize.

Managing social media for our partners is one of our favorite things to do. There is so much potential for business living in the social space and we enjoy watching how great social content delivers new business, leads, notoriety, and company growth for our partners. The social space is constantly evolving, and so are the capabilities within our team and HeyOrca. We love staying on top of the latest social media trends, and working with a partner - HeyOrca, who does the same.

If you're interested in learning more about how we use social media scheduling as a part of digital marketing programs for our partners, let's talk!

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