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He's been haunting our halls for a few months now, but it's time we formally introduce the world to Zechariah Hall. He's our new photographer and videographer and has already made his mark with a number of our clients turning out stellar photos and videos. We'll turn it over to Zech to let him tell you more about himself.


I grew up in Southern IN and was homeschooled for most of that time. From the age of 12-14, I lived in Arizona and went to a private baptist school. When I came back to Indiana, I graduated high school homeschooled and spent those last two years going to a trade school learning IT. (I can’t say I’ve retained too much of it, but hopefully to be helpful in a few ways around the place.) From there I went to college and got my associates degree in Visual Communications (Class of 2018). I then made a feature film with a buddy I met at college. I got married in 2019. My wife and I started our business together officially photo + video business (Destiny Rae Photography) in May 2021 and we’re still going strong. We had our first son, William in February 2022, and our second son, Peter, in February 2024.

Describe what you do at the Squad.

Well, the plan is to do a great job at creating photography, video, and media content, and collaborating with everyone to tell the best stories possible for The Squad’s clients!



What’s your favorite thing about The Marketing Squad?

So far the team atmosphere.

What’s your favorite food?

Pizza, and philly cheesesteaks.

Tell us about your family.

Of course, my Wife’s name is Destiny Rae Hall… She’s my best friend. And our two boy’s name’s are William River Hall, and Peter Ocean Hall. And we have a black Lab named Moose.


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