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By: The Marketing Squad
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Most sales professionals have their elevator pitch down to a science in terms of telling someone (hopefully a prospective client) what their organization does in 60 seconds or less. However, if your brand’s primary message is not able to clearly and simply articulate what values your business "brings to the table", then you may be missing out on opportunities.

While content is certainly still King, I could argue that quality and clarity is its crown. In this microwave world that we live in, readers don’t have time to wade through the vast sea of unclear messages. If your main message doesn’t rise to the top by striking a chord and connection with your target market, then your brand's story may be missing the mark.

Think about the messaging of the brands that you instantly connect with. My guess is that the brands that come to your mind are simple and concise. In my case, it’s brands like: Apple – "Think Different", Nike – "Just Do It", and Titleist - "#1 Ball in Golf". Notice the bold simplicity of each. Of course, these are some of the largest brands in the world, but the point is: the amount of words you use in your message is not as important as its clarity. Also, when your message and value propositions are concise and clear, it is much easier for your sales folks to stay focused when they're "telling your brand story". This helps drum up meaningful dialogues with your target market.

Here at the Squad, we’ve recently gone through the process of rebranding our agency, and while we have increased our capabilities, our main value proposition remains "tell your story and grow your business". There’s a bit more to that in my elevator pitch and I'll be forever tweaking it. However, the simplicity will hopefully always remain.

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