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Marshall Fall
By: Marshall Fall
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Hallelujah, football is back. I am ready for creative touchdown dances, explosive hits, razzle dazzle trick plays, screen passes, jaw dropping interceptions, pick-six’s, and Cam Newton giving a young kid the football after a touchdown. I am ready for the underdog to unleash history-rocking "David beats Goliath" upsets and Sports Centers Top 10 theme song blaring on my 7.1-channel Onkyo SKS-HT540 speaker system— DaDaDa DaDaDa.

What defines you? Is it being a father, mother, husband, wife, son, daughter, football player, soccer player, musician, scientist? Is it being #1 in your industry, top guy in your company, or the person who drives the pimped out Audi, wears the latest trendy outfits, and uses the new iPhone ZT with interactive holographic facetime capabilities (totally made up that new iPhone)?

Define Your Company, Discover Your Passions

We're all defined in the world by so many different things....and so is our company. What makes your company different? What makes your company the BEST? What stories best define the very brand you represent? And why would someone value doing business with you?

You know the answers to all these questions, and chances are, you know someone in your company who can tell these stories with a passion that is not only captivating, but is exciting, passionate, inviting, and makes you want to hear more.

I once had a CEO who was amazing at this. His passion was off the charts, his love for his company was contagious, storytelling was hypnotizing, his style authentic, and words genuine.

I always said that if I could bottle up his stories and passion and spray it on clients and prospects, sort of a magic spray or aerosol easy button, that I could redefine success in that world.

As a business owner, you face many challenging and daunting decisions every day and the last thing you should have to worry about is knowing if your story is being told – the right way! You have two options: create an in-house team to do this or outsource to another company.

The Digital Marketing Difference

In today’s world of digital (inbound) marketing, you have to be able to tell these stories and draw the right people to your brand. You need experts in videography, photography, blogging, and creative writing. You need people who are tech savvy and social media junkies who know how to blast your message and draw people to your brand. This is the fast moving world of digital marketing.

It all starts with your website. Imagine this:

A prospective client is referred to you by a friend, neighbor, coach, family member, coworker, or client.

You know the drill. Before they reach out to you, this person does what everyone else does — they visit your website to learn more about who you are and what you do. Then it happens - death silence. You never hear from them again. They don’t email, call, text, facetime, Skype, send a messenger pigeon, or put a message in a bottle....they just disappear...poof!

What happened? Simple, your website STUNK and scared them away. We have all experienced these kinds of websites - YUCK!

So why do so many companies fail to have stellar websites? Easy, they think websites are a nice-to-have, glorified brochure, good enough, and don’t want to spend money on it. Well, I have two words for you – WAKE UP!!!!

Getting new clients is hard enough, so don’t make it even harder by having a less-than-stellar website that repels people from knowing your greatness.

Consider These Simple Questions and Marketing Statistics:

Do you know why your website needs to be responsive (easy to interact with on a mobile device)? Well, 88% of people who search for a business on mobile will visit it within 24 hours. And if a site isn’t mobile-friendly, 8 in 10 customers won’t engage with it. So, don’t be that guy...

Do you know the value of email marketing? And yes, email still exists. The ROI of email marketing is for every dollar you spend, the return is $38 and most adults (74%) prefer to receive marketing messages in their email inbox.

Do you know how local SEO leads to more sales? And that the effectiveness of Google Adwords is an average click-through rate of 7% for an ad in first position.

Did you know that the world reportedly watches 1 billion hours of YouTube social video per day? And according to CISCO, over 80% of all traffic will consist of video by 2021.

Can your team do all this? Can you hire enough talented people to redo your website, manage it, write content for Linkedin, blog on your behalf, shoot and edit video stories about your company, design new graphics, and make sure prospective clients and investors are drawn to you and your brand? Do you have a team who can do all this?

Are you happy with their work? Do you have a budget to sustain them? If not, we can help. Our job is to make your brand sizzle, score a touchdown on the marketing field, and Tell YOUR Story to Grow Your Business.

What are you waiting for? If you're ready to attract new customers, inspire brand evangelists, and grow your business through the power of digital marketing then we're ready to passionately tell your story. Let's talk!

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