The Power of Words in Marketing

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By: The Marketing Squad
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All too often, people tend to underestimate the power that words can have when trying to increase their marketing success. Simple, catchy phrases can be enough to garner interest, and something as easy as changing one word in a sentence can have a huge impact on how well a product sells. People like words that flow, words that make them feel good, and words that spark their curiosity. When businesses focus more on sculpting their product language to form a clear image in their customers' minds, they find that their customers are more receptive to buying the product. This is because people like to believe in what they are buying. If they have an exact vision of what they're going to get, they are more willing to trust in the product and commit to buying it.

The Importance of Repetition

Repetition is a tool that doesn't get utilized as much as it should. People are more likely to remember details if they are exposed to them over and over again. That's why companies like Nike, with their slogan "Just Do It", stand out from the crowd --- you see this slogan on most of their merchandise and in every commercial they have. It's a simple, three-word phrase that is now associated with their brand. Find a way to sneak in a repetitive phrase or description in your marketing and you will create an association, which will exceed the general reach of your marketing by finding its way into other parts of your customers' lives. For instance, if you are selling cars and use the slogan "Faster than a Bullet," then people will be reminded of your cars every time they encounter a bullet. They aren't watching your commercial or reading your blog, but the association is there.

What Happens When...

You use a bolded headline with a vague, yet intriguing title? The customers keep reading, because they want to learn more. You have mastered the invaluable art of keeping them interested. We all know that modern technology has fostered a generation of desensitized consumers that quickly lose interest, and this especially concerns reading extended amounts of text (because who likes doing that, right?). Keep your customers on their toes with elusive phrases that drag them in and make them want to find the answer to your mysterious wording. It's a magic performed by few, but those who use it know it holds great power with the natural curiosity people have. Use this human instinct to your advantage.

The Synonym Technique

Synonyms are cool, rad, hip, and groovy. #SeeWhatIDidThere

Finding the right word can be a chore sometimes, but the right word can change the entire flow and impact of a sentence. Consider this example: "Our windows will make it through any type of weather." vs. "Our windows will survive the toughest of storms." Which windows would you buy? These sentences create two very different pictures. The second one appeals to the more visual side of the mind, leaving a more lasting impression on the customer. Not to mention that it flows better and is easier to read; such is the power of discovering the right synonym.

As a marketer, it is your job to appeal to the customers' impulsive nature. Words are the bait and the product is the hook that seals the deal. Using these tools, it will be hard for them to ignore.

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