Bulletproof Your Boring Office Coffee

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Bulletproof Your Boring Office Coffee

If you work 9 to 5 at a desk, in front of a screen, you understand that mental fatigue is a weekly battle. In order to combat mental tiredness, proper nutrition is important. Building small changes and disciplines into your daily work routine can make massive changes over time.

Here are a few basic tips for staying alert and focused throughout the day.

1. Stay hydrated with plenty of water.

2. Go for a brisk walk during your lunch break.

3. Avoid the urge to eat sugar when you are feeling fatigued.

Fighting fatigue at The Squad:

One of the office favorites at The Marketing Squad is making "BulletProof" coffee for breakfast or as an afternoon pick-me-up.

The ‘official’ recipe was invented by Dave Asprey at Bulletproof. While I’m sure that his blend has the most benefits, I have found that modifying the ingredients for convenience has still proven beneficial. The basic science behind the recipe is to provide energy through the coffee and essential fats to the brain for a balanced, non-jittery boost that lasts for hours.

For a more in-depth article on the science behind Bulletproof Coffee, click here.

Bulletproof Your Boring Office Coffee

The core ingredients: Coffee, (unsalted, grass-fed) butter (1-2 tablespoons), and coconut oil (1-2 tablespoons).

Optional bonus ingredients: a dash of cinnamon, dash of Brain Octane Oil

Blend for 30 seconds until frothy.

For a great demo.

My thoughts on buttered coffee:

I was skeptical about the concept of butter being palatable, but after trying a few cups, I was sold! The texture and taste are very similar to a rich latte.

Other tips that help ensure the benefits of BulletProof coffee:

  • Replace breakfast - or use in the mid-afternoon to replace a snack.
  • Try ‘intermittent fasting’ for morning clarity. Once you get past the initial stomach rumble, you’ll usually find focus comes much easier - and lunch is so much more enjoyable.

Here's to more energy and clarity during your week!

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