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Coach Rob is no stranger to the social media world. He is best known for his business - BodyComp Keto and for being a top producer of Pruvit. Pruvit is what ultimately led him to the Bluegrass State. Coach Rob now leads the education of the program. Being well-rounded is in his DNA. In college, he not only played football but baseball as well at the University of South Carolina. That is almost unheard of in today’s world.

Coach Rob soon learned the best way to capture his audience - live video. People aren’t expecting perfection anymore. This new type of storytelling is reaching an audience by sharing a message that will draw them in. It takes consistency. Each week Coach Rob goes live at 8:30 on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. You may be wondering what his secret is with his success with live video? He says his secret sauce is just being himself and sharing what he knows. Scripting is not how you gain people’s trust - it is by being real and sharing insights on ways that have worked for you. People will always show up if you are delivering relevant content.

Anybody can start going live on social media platforms, it just takes getting out of your comfort zone. Coach Rob suggests you start by using your phone. You don’t necessarily need fancy lights or a microphone. Maybe sometime in the future, but not entirely necessary when first starting out.

Watch the full video below.

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