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The Importance of Hiring an Agency Who Values Their Employees

Imagine the excitement (and slight fear) that comes with hiring a new marketing agency for your business. Something was said or done to make you feel like this particular agency was the right fit for your brand. It’s a risk but it’s one every business owner is willing to take. After all, marketing drives sales […]
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4 Leadership Observations From Andy Griffith

Our family loves watching Andy Griffith episodes on Netflix. I grew up watching the reruns with my dad, uncles, and grandpa on TBS or TNT. The show never loses its nostalgia for me. In modern days, I may look to Seinfeld or The Office for my fix, but I’ll never lose my love for Andy […]
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I Never Understood the Importance of Vision

As I’ve grown as the leader of The Squad, things that previously had little meaning to me, now capture the majority of my focus. It’s quite the shift. I’m referring to our Core Values, Vision, and Mission (Core Focus). Our operating system is another. For many years I just thought, "We operate and that’s our […]
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Razzle Dazzle and Bring’em in...

Hallelujah, football is back. I am ready for creative touchdown dances, explosive hits, razzle dazzle trick plays, screen passes, jaw dropping interceptions, pick-six’s, and Cam Newton giving a young kid the football after a touchdown. I am ready for the underdog to unleash history-rocking "David beats Goliath" upsets and Sports Centers Top 10 theme song […]
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More than making coffee: How Internships are Beneficial for Employers and Students

Summer is in full-swing, so you know what that means - interns! As the school year wraps-up, students looking for some hands-on experience (and a little college credit) put on their shiniest shoes and head out to local businesses across the country. This summer, The Squad has an intern of our very own! Brayden Ward […]
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The Marketing Squad is Poised for Growth but Staffed to Deliver

The last few months the owners have been positioning The Squad for growth. We had one of the first flat years in our 10 year history in 2017. That flat growth led us to set some big goals in 2018. We know that going big requires a talented team. It’s the chicken and the egg […]
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“For we are what He has made us, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand to be our way of life.” -Ephesians 2:10
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