5 Ways to Keep Your Social Media Fresh and Exciting this Summer

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Let's face it, summer can be a time when many people checkout. Many businesses slow down and social engagement starts to dwindle. Maybe it's all the sunshine, vacations, and outdoor activities that distract us, but the summer slump is a real thing and can impact business and sales greatly. Keeping your social media active and exciting can help fight the summer lull and keep business activity more consistent.

Summer social media ideas

Here are 5 ways to keep your social media exciting this summer:

1) Host a contest or giveaway

Summer is chocked full of great events and activities. Is your organization hosting a ticketed event? Or do you have some extra products that would make a good prize? It may even be worth investing in tickets to a fun summer festival, concert, or event to generate some buzz and make the prize of the giveaway really worthwhile. If you are looking to get some extra orders placed, or grow traffic on a particular channel, a social giveaway with a great prize incentive is a fantastic way to do just that. One thing to consider - every social platform has different regulations when it comes to social contests and giveaways. Be sure you do your research and keep it legal!

2) Vary your content

Stuck in the same ole rhythms and patterns? Social is a place to be adventurous and change it up! Try new things, take risks (within reason). If you have been wanting to try a new strategy, summer is a great time to break your mold and attempt something new. For instance, if you tend to keep your content mostly business, start adding some posts discussing fun local events, polls, memes, and engaging questions. Try to think of what draws you in on social media posts - is it the funny meme, the thought provoking questions? Add in some variety and see what gets results on your pages. When one idea flops, go back the drawing board and try, try again.

3) Partner Up with Social Influencers

Social influencer marketing is a very hot trend - and it works. Is there a product you've been wanting to promote? A hot summer sale? It might be a good time to connect with someone who is insta-famous for a paid social influencer marketing campaign. Look for those that fit with your brand and would be able to promote without it feeling forced. Experienced social influencers will have terms and prices laid out, but you can also negotiate. Many influencers are willing to accept products, gift cards, store credit etc. in lieu of cash payment. If you have never worked with influencers before, you may want to consult with a lawyer to help draft a contract as well as familiarize yourself with the legal parameters of social influencer marketing. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has strict laws to protect consumers from false and misleading advertising from social influencers. If you are compensating anyone, in anyway, to say positive things about your business or product - it must be fully disclosed. For more info on FTC regulations, click here.

4) Get Visual!

Summer is a beautiful season. Summer activities are typically visually appealing and inspiring. Use the opportunity to refresh photography and share photos, videos, GIFS, etc. on your social platforms. Get involved in local events, capture some appealing shots and share them away. We are all drawn to what appeals to our eyes - how often have you seen an image of the beach and immediately started dreaming of being there? Encourage staff to photograph and document their summer adventures and start a social mini-series sharing summer adventures and encouraging followers to share theirs as well. A huge part of what makes great social is being real, authentic, human, and, well, social. It doesn't hurt to be tastefully funny every so often as well. GIFs and videos are huge tools to attract an audience on social. Even if the tone of your business is on the serious side, lightening up every once in awhile can be beneficial. Just be sure to keep it appropriate and never offensive.

5) Enlist the Pros

Social just not your thing? Or maybe you know it's important, but you just don't have the time, staff, etc. to devote to it what it really needs. If you are looking for help with your social media or any aspect of your digital marketing endeavors, we would love to discuss with you how The Marketing Squad can assist. Our team is well versed in the social arena and always learning and growing to stay on top of social trends to best serve our partners. We can help you with everything from creative strategy and creating social content to fully running and operating your social channels. We work with each of our partners individually to learn their social voice and tone and create a social plan that they are comfortable and excited about. Sound appealing? Reach out to us today.

Whatever you decide, we hope you will make the most of your social media adventures this summer and don't be afraid to try something new!

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