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There is no shortage of competition among home builders in the Louisville market. Homeowners have their choice between large, national brands developing entire neighborhoods at a time and smaller builders looking to connect with their clients on a more personal level to deliver them the home of their dreams. Ryan Band, founder and president of Unbridled Homes, falls firmly in the latter category.

Ryan is a Louisville native and a third generation home builder. He spent his childhood at the job sites of his grandfather and father and his formative years were spent working with trim carpenters, framers, and painters. The DNA of constructing quality homes did not skip a generation.

Last year, Ryan approached us about building a new online presence for Unbridled Homes. His former website was built on a template from his website hosting provider. It conveyed some factual information, but it didn't tell his story and it did not do anything to set him apart from his competition. Ryan came to us asking for a website with an authentic feel that educated his potential clients on the process of building a home with him as their builder.

Showing people the process

Most homeowners, if they build a home, will only build one in their lifetime. It is an involved process and countless details must be taken into account. Building a custom home is not for everyone, but finding the right builder can be the difference between a joyful experience and a months-long headache.

Ryan wanted his clients to see the process up-front before they even chose a builder for their home. Unlike many of the national home builders, he is committed to walking his clients through the process so the client and builder can be on the same page. The ultimate goal is to hand the client the keys to their dream home.

For Ryan, we delivered a process page that clearly outlines the steps Unbridled Homes takes to deliver on their promise. From Consultation to Completed Home, the process is introduced on the website and further explained in a one-on-one consultation with Ryan.

Capturing an authentic feeling

This is where our graphic designers and copywriters love to lean in with our clients. If you're looking for a nice website, you have numerous options. If you're looking for a website that celebrates your business' unique brand and experience, then you need a web design company that is willing to listen to you and take the time to deliver a truly custom site.

Over the years The Marketing Squad has developed a website project process that can consistently deliver on that promise. We begin with a discovery process to learn as much as we can about your brand and what sets you apart from your competition before we ever put pen to paper or cursor to application.

Our company tagline is "Tell Your Story. Grow Your Business." At the end of the day, we are nothing if not Passionate Storytellers and that begins with listening and learning from our clients. We stay in tune with our clients throughout the web development process to ensure that what began at discovery has made its way through to design, development, and ultimately, the finished product. This process helped us deliver a website for Unbridled Homes that captures their unique brand and sets them apart from other builders in their price range.

Building an award-winning website

Recently was awarded the President's Grand Award for Best Website at the Building Industry Association Sales & Marketing Council. This is not the first time The Marketing Squad has partnered with a custom home builder to deliver an award-winning website. In 2017, PL Lyons received the same honor.

If you're looking for an online presence that stands out from your competition, we'd love to chat. Our designers, developers, and copywriters are eager to create for you a beautiful, custom website that lets your unique brand shine through. Who knows, you may even win an award!

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