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Buying a home can be equal parts exciting and stressful. When you're in a seller's market finding your dream house is challenging. You need an advocate who can help you buy the kind of house you desire. Selling a home can be just as challenging. It requires knowledge of the market trends and good marketing. You need a trusted guide to help you sell quick and for top dollar. The agents at Covenant Realty are well-positioned to serve the Louisville housing market and they now have a website that tells their story to potential buyers and sellers.


When the leadership team at Covenant Realty asked us to help amplify their marketing we knew our greatest challenge was going to be to create a website that spoke to two distinct experiences – buying home vs. selling a home. Covenant Realty offers a range of services, but at the core of their business is a desire to serve people through the home buying and selling experience. The experience for both begins with educating people on the process and showing them how Covenant can help you along the way. After all, as Covenant says, "It's more than wood and wall." They are helping people find a home where their lives happen and memories are made.

The website we created is designed to inform potential clients about Covenant's services and quickly connect them with an agent who is ready to serve them. Visitors will find helpful tips for selling their home fast and an outline of what to expect when buying a home. The Covenant Blog is updated regularly with information addressing specific topics buyers and sellers are searching. Every page within their website leads people to a point of action which consistently generate leads for Covenant's team of agents.

Covenant Realty is not a one-dimensional company. They have a story to tell about their commitment to service and desire to become Louisville’s number one real estate firm. They have the ability to serve the Louisville market with a range of services focused on improving homes, neighborhoods, and communities. Do you desire to transform your marketplace? Connect with us today about a branding, video, or website project. Looking to take your ongoing marketing efforts to another level? We can help there too.

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