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We can't wait for you to meet our Marketing Manager, Emily! We know you will love her passion for telling stories, great Mexican food, and her cute pup, Auggie.

Hello! I'm Emily Bowling. Nice to meet you :)

My Background

I graduated from Indiana University with a BA in English Communications. I come to the squad from the church world where I worked in communications and fundraising. I have always had a passion for storytelling and so being able to come to the Squad and work in a way that it is literally part of my job to “tell the story” is what inspires me most. I’ve been looking for an opportunity to deepen my footing in the marketing world for a while and so being a part of the Squad was a move that just made so much sense!

What I Do at the Squad

As Marketing Manager, I work to make sure everything is running smoothly for our partner clients. Day to day is different. Could be writing blogs or running meetings or engaging with clients and co-workers. All to keep the clients’ stories being told well!

What’s your favorite thing about The Marketing Squad?

The openness and camaraderie amongst the staff as well as the connections forged with the clients. It truly is a uniquely awesome environment!

What’s your favorite food?

My go-to is Mexican. As a vegetarian, nothing beats a good plate of rice and beans or a bean tostada


Meet my pup Auggie!

I have a border collie mix, Auggie. He was born in August 2021 and so he takes up a good chunk of time for me since he is still a puppy. Training, socialization, and snuggles are the main things on my mind! He’s getting cuter by the day and I can’t wait to go on bigger adventures like camping and swimming with him!

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