Does Facebook Response Rate and Time Matter?

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A recent study revealed that 18% of American internet users who messaged a brand’s social media page expected a response within one hour. Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms for connecting with prospects and customers. As a marketer or business owner, it's important to know Facebook's best practices and to follow them to your best ability. 

Questions people consistently have are about their Facebook page's response rate and time. Does Facebook response rate matter? How can I make my Facebook response rate better?

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What is a Facebook Business Page’s Response Rate and Time?

On Facebook for Business Pages, Facebook tracks and measures the speed and promptness of a page owner’s responses to the Business Page’s messages. While response time provides page visitors an “expectation of the amount of time it takes your Page to respond to messages” the response rate is “percentage of messages that you and other people who manage your Page respond to” according to Facebook’s Help Center.

Facebook Response Rate and Time Best Practices

You run a business and it’s understood that you can’t be 100% attentive to your Facebook page 24/7. Here are some things you can do to keep your messaging success at a constant high:

Follow Rate and Time Requirements

Facebook will deem your Business Page as “Very Responsive” when your response rate is at 90% or higher and your response time is within 15 minutes. Your expected response time is visible to anyone who visits your Business Page so following these general rules will help you achieve the “Very Responsive” level in no time.

Identify Frequently Asked Questions

If you notice that many of your messages receive the same questions or multiple requests for certain information, there are a few things you should do. First, you should make the information that is often requested in messenger available on your main Facebook page in the “About” section, in the form of a post on your page, or both.

You can also have a well thought-out response to your most common messages that you can easily access. This will help you save time when someone sends a message that you’ve already responded to for a different sender and gives you a chance to provide useful and thoughtful information.

Set an Away Message

Your Facebook Page gives you an option to opt-in to an away message that appears when someone messages your Page and you know ahead of time you’ll be away from your desk. You can set an away message to auto-respond for up to 12 hours making it easy to work an away message around your busy schedule. Note that away message responses do not affect your Page’s response rate or time, but will let the person reaching out know that you aren't ignoring their message.

How to use Facebook Chatbot to Increase Responsiveness

What is Facebook chatbot? A chatbot is a program that is linked directly to your Facebook Messenger. This program can be taught how to respond to individuals who wish to interact with your business on your Facebook page. This chatbot is a 24/7 assistant that will monitor the traffic to your Facebook inbox.

Several businesses are taking advantage of automating this process and freeing up their employees’ valuable time to accomplish tasks to grow their business. 

There are several ways to work the chatbot into your life and here are a few:

  1. Set a general response to every single message that you receive that tells the individual that you are away and gives them options to contact you in other ways (increasing your response rate and time).
  2. Program chatbot to respond with a message to the frequently asked questions that your page receives.
  3. Use chatbot for ad campaigns to collect emails, phone numbers, or answers to other questions your business would like to know about your audience and upload them to your CRM for future use.

The beautiful thing about Facebook Messenger chatbots is the potential for future engagement with the individuals that reach out to your business. Every person that interacts with your chatbot can be sent information directly to their Facebook inbox (similar to an email blast). Currently, there is an 80% open rate for all messages sent in this way.

Chatbots are an excellent way to improve your customer service and trust us, the number of messages you get to your page will only continue to grow. If you’re not chatbotting yet, the time to get started is now. Seriously, let’s go!

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