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Bryce Raley
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So you waited until the last minute this year. It's time for the annual halloween dress up party, and you don't have a costume. You're heading to a thrift store today and need some costume ideas. Hopefully we can be of some help. After all, we don't just write about inbound marketing around here. That would be boring.

Today we're going to show you how to use social media and search engines to come up with office costume ideas. Actually, we're just doing the work for you. 

Up first is a search for "costume ideas for this halloween" that returned a Pinterest page. I'm partial the the Gilligan's Island crew about half way down in the middle.

Next up I Googled "celebrity costume ideas 2012" and found this entry. I know nothing about the online source, but I liked how they did a slide show actually showing you how to put the digs together. Helpful for your aforementioned trip to the thrift store.

Third up we have a search of "halloween office party costume ideas" targeted just for our tech and marketing audience. This search query pulled the following page result from PC Mag. I dare you to dress up as Steve Ballmer. I dare you.

Last we have a the last stich effort. The late game rally. The hail mary. This time I Googled "office party costume ideas". I liked the printable masks and the office name tag bit stolen from Jim on The Office.

If none of this worked, then I would suggest multiple posts to Twitter and Facebook. Do your own crowdsourcing. Your friends and followers know you well, and they always come up with some great ideas and answers in a pinch.

P.S. Have some fun at your party. If it's all business all the time, you'll get burned out. Trust me.

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