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Our business is built on relationships - with our partners, clients, team, and community. Without trust-filled, truth-centered relationships we would not have experienced the growth that we have.

We've had the pleasure of knowing Marshall Fall for many years, and when we had the opportunity to bring him onto The Squad in May, we knew he would be a great asset to our business development team. As our VP of Business Development, Marshall's role is centered around relationships. He is dedicated to helping The Squad grow in leaps and bounds, all through the power of making long-lasting connections.

We hope you get to meet Marshall in person soon, but until then, read on to learn more about Marshall.

How did you get connected with The Squad?

I was drawn to The Squad via all the amazing content that found me!!! In all seriousness, it was the amazing assortment of snacks and monthly potlucks - YUMMY!!! The website was amazing and the people are great. I actually have known both Bryce and Billy for a long time. Their integrity, love for serving others, and overall love for people drew me to the company. I have also watched The Marketing Squad evolve over the years and now want to be a conduit to help it grow even larger and faster.

What’s one thing you love about working here so far?

I don't have to wear a suit and tie and can dress for success in my boots, jeans, and sports coat!!! I love the energy of the people here - it's infectious. I love the fact that this company is built and stabilized on amazing principles and core values. They are the real deal. Not fake, truth tellers, and everyone has a winning mentality and desire to tell our clients' STORY better than it's ever been told before.

What do you like to do for fun?

Anything with my wife (of 20 years) - she is amazing, beautiful, and crazy fun. As a father of 5, I love nothing better than to watch them compete and play whatever passion they have (sports, music, etc). I love to play worship songs on my guitar and sing. I love to do yard work. I love UNC basketball, playing golf, stroking a tennis ball, watching the Carolina Panthers play football, and coaching/watching/playing soccer. I also love watching the first auditions of folks on Britain's Got Talent, America's Got Talent, The Voice, etc. - I love watching someone who feels like they have no talent, they're the underdog, do something spectacular.

What are your passions as far as your career is concerned?

I have been an athlete since I could walk, and I have been a coach for the past 15 years. I have always told my players that anyone can be good, but if you want to be great, really great, then you have to make everyone else around you better. My passion for helping others, and the team concept of winning, has continued to propel me through my career. Doesn’t matter what I'm doing, where I'm going, or what the situation is, if I slow down, assess the situation, gather all the facts, apply the wisdom I have learned over the years, and put others before myself, then I will be successful. It's that easy.

Anything else people should know about you?

I was born and raised in Asheville, NC, attended Appalachian State University, and interned with Reebok while in college. After I graduated, they moved me from the Carolinas to Kentucky and that is where the story remains. I play bball, soccer, tennis, and golf, and I'm the world's greatest Candyland master, king of Uno, and the most amazing card trick artist in my house.

I coach varsity high school soccer and I play several instruments: Play piano, guitar, and harmonica, and I have a banjo and hammered dulcimer.

Born and bred a Tarheel and currently a die-hard Carolina Panther fan.

2 truths and a lie - choose the lie:

1. Spent two days with Michael Jordan.

2. Owned a two-toned jeep half decorated, front to back, inside and out, with UNC colors and logos and the other half with Clemson colors and stickers.

3.  Played guitar at the Grand Ole Opry.

I have 2 horses, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 bunnies, a hamster, and 5 kids and an amazing and absolutely beautiful wife... God love her... Some refer to me as  "Noah" and others as "crazy"... I just say blessed!

I am a bonafied country song in the flesh - I love my girl, I love my truck, I love my boots, I love my animals, I love my guitar, have a quiver full of kiddos, and love the good ole outdoors.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Marshall! If you missed it, we introduced our new Creative Director / Director of Partner Marketing, Kevin Peterson, to you last week so check out more about him as well.

Think you’d be a perfect fit for The Squad team? Check out our careers page to drop us your resume!

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