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The Squad is excited to introduce our newest team member, Courtney Nappo! Joining our team as a social media maven, Courtney is a lover of all things social and one week in she's rocking social media management with flavor and fun.

Courtney, a University of Kentucky graduate, is passionate about research and problem solving, and has the social media experience to show it. She also has a passion for local food and is the owner of the Instagram social media venture "LouisvilleFood." When she's not at The Squad, Courtney likes to spend time with her husband John Michael and their 2 dogs Annie and Ham. Rumor has it she also has a 40lb tortoise (pics or it didn't happen), but we'll let her tell you more about that.

Get to Know Courtney

How did you get connected with The Squad?

I first was introduced to The Squad through Alea Petersen. Alea and I had worked together in the past and she had been raving about how much she loved working for The Squad. I heard about the opening for a Social Media Manager and I jumped at the opportunity. To say the least, I am pumped to be apart of such an all-star company.

What’s one thing you love about working here so far?

I love being surrounded by such a talented team. Everyone is so creative, and already in just a couple weeks I have been inspired and stretched in new and different ways than ever before. The team is very supportive, and the work culture is dynamic and innovative.

What do you like to do for fun?

I love fun! I adore Louisville, so finding fun and exciting things to do around the city is one of my favorite things. Local food, music, festivals, culture - this city has so much to offer. I also love hiking, painting... just creating in general. My husband and I have recently been designing our own board game.

What are your passions as far as your career is concerned?

I truly love everything social. I love people, and connecting people to information they need has always been a passion. I am thrilled to bring new creativity and strategy to the social media side of the business. Personally, I am very excited to grow in my knowledge and depth of social strategy. The social world is always evolving and I plan to be on the front lines of the new and upcoming trends.

Anything else people should know about you?

I do in fact have a 40lb Tortoise, Big Tina. My husband John Michael and I love animals in general and also have several other exotics. Additionally I have no sense of smell. People always think that is crazy, especially considering my work with LouisvilleFood.

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