Wayne Cox


Wayne Cox is a partner of The Marketing Squad. He’s a former church planter and has been working with Bryce Raley since the early days of the company. Wayne is experienced in directing marketing initiatives for companies in a variety of industries.

Wayne doesn’t do anything in his spare time because he and his wife, Christy, have four children spread between college, high school, and middle school. The Cox kids are all active in sports which keeps Wayne busy coaching and spectating. Christy was a stand-up comedian in her former life. She's funny - and some would say she’s rubbed off on Wayne.

Wayne’s other passions include coffee, espresso, coffee equipment, coffee shops, and he likes sports, “all the sports”.

Fun fact: Wayne cuts his own hair.

Strength Finders Top 5:

Learner | Achiever | Context | Competition | Activator

What song or artist could you listen to all day long?

Amos Lee

If you had 25 hours a day, how would you use your extra time?

Whining about needing another hour.

What skill do you think everyone should have?

Writing well.

What is your favorite meal to cook and why?

Omelet or grilled steak. Omelet cuz it makes me feel like a chef chopping up all those ingredients and customizing to whatever mood I’m in. Steak because... fire!

If you could see one movie again for the first time, what would it be and why?

A Beautiful Mind — because I love that I was so caught off guard by the “twist” and it made me value and enjoy the story so much more.

If you could have the power of teleportation right now, where would you go and why?

The international space station — because I really want to go to space and teleportation seems easier than all the g-forces of a rocket launch.
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