How a Graphic Designer can Impact Your Business

The Marketing Squad
By: The Marketing Squad
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“I have to consider the client’s audience and how they would react to what I’m designing.” This is what our Graphic Designer, Emily Albiero said when asked how her role as graphic designer goes hand in hand with helping our clients’ businesses grow.

How Graphic Design Reaches Your Customer

Just like determining your brand’s messaging, it is very important that you keep your target audience top of mind when you create your brand’s visual experience, whether it’s mocking up your website placing each section in the most optimal position, designing an advertisement for Facebook, or creating a stand-out business card. (P.S. the Squad’s biz cards are textured and vertical rather than horizontal #thinkdifferent #thanksEmily)

Thinking outside the realm of styles we may personally like and really understanding the needs of our client– and our clients' ideal customers – is not easy but crucial to successfully promote a business so it grows. Whether she’s designing a logo or a social post for you, Emily is committed to thinking about how your target audience will react to every detail of the design. 

As we know, consistency in communication is important. Graphic design is a form of communication, so consistency applies there too. Design is also subjective, so Emily has a big job in front of her as you can see. Gaining feedback from fellow team members and clients helps us design strategically and remain consistent.

We prioritize collaboration at the Squad. Emily mentions that is something she appreciates. Because we are a marketing agency, Emily also shares about how she wears different hats, so to speak. In a given week, she works on multiple projects to achieve different objectives for several different businesses from different industries. It keeps things interesting for her!

Graphic Design Support For Your Business

Businesses absolutely need graphic design to stand out and engage their audiences. However, many businesses – especially smaller ones – often don't know how to utilize a graphic designer, or they can’t afford to hire one full time. This is where you find the power of an outsourced marketing team. Clients work with us as their outsourced partner, that gives them access to Emily as Graphic Designer and to other team members who specialize in video, digital ads, web development, strategy, copywriting, and more. Because of our partnership with them, our clients can remain relevant and competitive in the digital world without the overhead of in-house employment.

We love being able to serve businesses in this way! Emily has helped plumbers, remodelers, manufacturers, and many other businesses tell their story and grow their businesses by attracting new customers and revenue. She’s worked on roughly 300 projects in just the last 3 years. (We often joke about how efficient she is!) So if you could use the help and creativity of a graphic designer like Emily, we invite you to reach out to us. She can offer insight into your business. We’d also love to show you more about what an outsourced marketing team can do for you.

For more tips as well as Emily’s favorite platforms for design inspiration, be sure to watch the full SquadTalks episode below. 

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