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Alex Seibert
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We wanted to introduce one of our newest team members, Alex Seibert. She serves as a Director of Partner Marketing. She shares a little bit about herself below.


I'm a Director of Partner Marketing at The Marketing Squad and I'm about to celebrate 6 months of being here. So I wanted to share a little more about myself for those of you I haven't met yet.

Here's Some of My Journey before the Squad...

I went to college at the University of Kentucky and originally wanted to be a doctor. After one chemistry class, I bailed on that idea and switched to art and marketing.

I worked at the school paper and got into journalism, which led me to my first job designing newspapers. Shortly after, I went back to school to get my MBA at UofL and with that, landed an internship that turned into a full-time position for me.

I grew with that company for 5 years, serving on a few different marketing teams, but eventually found my home at American Queen Steamboat Company. My position there had me focused on paid media, websites, promotions and everything in between those things. It was a great learning experience, but when I saw a position open up at The Marketing Squad, I knew it was time to make a leap!

Here's a glimpse at my Role at The Squad...

As a Director of Partner Marketing here, I get to step in and help strategize, plan, and execute a number of different marketing initiatives for my clients.

Sometimes my role means crafting a campaign that touches a number of channels, and other times it means diving into Google Analytics reports to pull our summary finding and suggestions for next steps. To me, this feels like a dream job.

My clients are awesome business owners and leaders who have a great mission, and they look to The Marketing Squad as an outsourced partner to help them carry out their marketing plans and achieve specific goals. So in many ways, I get to be an extension of several brands and I am their team member – just outside of their office!

I Love Being at The Squad because of...

the PEOPLE! I love everything about The Squad, but the people especially! They are all warm, welcoming, helpful, and fun. Each month at our Squddle, (a monthly staff meeting that's unique to The Squad) I find myself giggling so much and always know I'm in the right place.

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Just in Case You Were Wondering...

I am married to Shawn, and we have a baby named Louis who will be 2 in September.

My favorite food is pizza but I like all kinds of snacks. I've only karaoke'd once, and it was a train-wreck, so it's probably not my first choice on a Friday night. But I'll sing along to almost any country or rock and roll song! I like organization but also the chance to be creative. Below I shared a little doodle I drew of my son. I haven't gotten the chance to do something like that in forever. Maybe I should make more time for art!

If you have any questions about me or The Squad, I'd love to chat. Click here for my team bio and my contact info.

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