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I was asked to introduce myself. How I greet someone really depends on the person and the setting. I call my mom at least once a day and always greet her with a, “Hey girly!” With my friends, I usually just say the first thing that comes to mind, but have recently found myself greeting some of them with, “Sup brother.” I'm not sure why! But in general, “Wassup” is my go-to phrase. So since I'm talking to new friends today, I'll just say, Wassup?!

My Background

I am from New Albany, Indiana and graduated from Indiana University Southeast in 2020 with a degree in Strategic Communication. During my last semester, I worked at The Louisville Zoo doing digital marketing. To be honest, going into college, I didn’t really have a plan for what I wanted to do career-wise. After those 4 years, though, I learned to really love what I was studying. I ended up supporting The Marketing Squad for several months part-time through a connection I had in the softball world. It just so happened to be that Bryce, our company founder, also had a passion for softball.

I've gotten to jump into many different tasks already!

My Experience as Agency Support Specialist

I like the environment at The Marketing Squad. It’s the perfect space to get your work done, collaborate with coworkers, and still have fun during all of that. My title is Agency Support Specialist, so I do a little bit of everything from supporting sales & marketing efforts to supporting our financial process and office management.

If you have a meeting with a team member at the Squad, it's likely I'll be helping set up for that meeting, preparing the space,  agendas, and our favorite part – the snacks and coffee!

I've already learned a lot about our CRM and the HubSpot tool that powers so much of our company. I occasionally help with blogs on this website too! I hope to make the lives of our sales department, marketing department, and administrative department a little easier.

about jena

Interesting Facts about Me

I grew up with 2 older sisters, Jordan & Shelby, and an older brother, Caleb. I also have 2 dogs, Otis & Jubilee, and an 11 year old rabbit, Burt. I got him from a bribe!

In the graphic below you see a little more about me including my favorite food and my lack of artistic skills. This team likes to see each other's sketches, memes and more. We also share a lot of music with each other. So I put it all out there below.  I want to specifically point out my answer to their question about my favorite trip and the photos above.

My family went on many road trips when we were young, but I think our trip to New Mexico to visit family on my dad’s side at the Native American reservation was my all-time favorite. We got to learn about their culture and also take part in the Indian Corn Festival. What do you think of our clothing?!

team member spotlight

P.S. I like different kinds of music. When it comes to karaoke, I feel like there are so many good songs, but "Mr. Brightside" seems to never fail to make me want to get up and sing!


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