Embracing Canva to Scale Your Creativity

Emily Albiero
By: Emily Albiero
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As a designer, I used to scoff at the idea of using Canva for real design work. I thought it was mostly just people using the templates provided, which resulted in the same “look” all over social media. However, Canva has evolved into a powerful tool with many sharing capabilities you can’t get with Adobe products. 

The first time I really considered using Canva as a tool for my everyday tasks was when more and more clients started wanting templates that they could edit themselves. Editable PDFs are clunky and hard to edit without the right software, but I still wanted a little bit of control over what clients would be sharing on the internet.

Enter Canva... 

Empowering Team Members to Create

Canva lets you share a special link, similar to Google Drive, that enables the client to edit text, colors, and more. This makes it a simple process for me to design and hand off, saving both parties time in the long run. 

Canva also enables team members to make really simple graphics themselves. This takes the simpler tasks off my plate and empowers everyone at the Squad to get creative. I’ve heard rumblings that certain team members even enjoy this newfound “power.” 

Embracing the Possibilities

I wanted to learn all of the possibilities this new tool could offer. It’s a similar process to learning Adobe software for the first time. All these buttons and tools within the tool do really amazing things. I first turned to Youtube to dive into all the possibilities with Canva. Canva even has its own channel that was a great resource for learning the more specialized tools. 

I also watched a few other helpful videos - linked here:

There are definitely some things in Canva that are lacking, namely being able to make gradients or custom shapes, but for the most part, it is useful for simple social graphics, flyers, or presentations. Creating and handing off is very simple and takes less than 30 seconds. Canva has been a game-changer for graphics that my team and our clients can easily edit.

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