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It’s been almost four months since Bradyen Ware joined The Squad and almost 7 months since we initially connected. I don’t know that I’ve had anyone join the team here at The Squad and make this much impact in such a short time.

Our Core Values Exemplified

Bware, as we call him around the office, is a great fit with our culture, and a role model when it comes to our Core Values. He’s jumped right into any void he’s seen here at The Squad and he’s made this agency better. Along the way, he’s also made his Squadmates better and our clients better too.

This post was actually planned for about a month ago, but lo and behold the shoe cobbler’s kin principle took effect and we took our eye off the ball with some of our own content. But there’s no time like the present, and we couldn’t wait another week to share Brayden with our community.

Generating Leads and Increasing Engagement

Many of you who are clients have already met him and probably have been impacted by his ad strategies on Facebook, Google search or Google display. Maybe he’s helped you generate leads or put your recruiting campaign on autopilot with chatbots and the like. Sounds like we’re joking, but we’re not. He is a chatbot ninja of sorts. It’s likely he was the mastermind behind your latest landing page. He could be seen any day wireframing up a Google, SEO-friendly landing page.

Brayden is one of the Squad’s greatest Disciplined Learners. It’s one of our 8 Core Values and Bware just won the award honoring him as the 2019 winner in this category.

Qualified and Connected

Brayden is a graduate of Lee University where he played college baseball after a great high school career at Silver Creek in Southern Indiana. Brayden is involved at Northside Christian Church in New Albany and comes from a multi-generational business family. His dad Ritchie and grandfather started and run WARE, a highly successful boiler business in central Louisville that services the entire US market.

Bware’s coffee drink of choice is the Americano and he’s a frequent flyer on the El Nopal airlines at lunchtime. He likes his tacos.

He does have a few downsides like he’s already beat me in two games of ping pong and I pretty much had the top dog status in the agency in ping pong until then. The last game was 21-19 so I’m close. And he had the controversial Derby winner Country House in our Derby jackpot. Not his fault, but still … 🙂

To read more about Bware check out his bio.

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