Taylor Bieschke

Media Designer

When it comes to last names, Taylor really brings it. Second only to former team member Jud in last names and design skills, Taylor is our most competitive team member. Like how I just tweaked him there? Taylor has outgrown his video Jedi Master Jud when it comes to video skills. That is if you’re keeping score, which Taylor is always keeping score.

Taylor is our Media Designer. Since he’s typically taking pictures, shooting videos, and designing “all the things” in photoshop, we thought he needed a title a little beyond graphic designer. Taylor crushes it on video. We’ve never seen someone work quicker when it comes to shooting or editing. Taylor also has a great eye for photography. He’s always involved in website projects in many capacities, and he supports ongoing partner clients with website updates, email template design, and many other print design tasks as well.

Taylor started with us on contract, then went part-time, and moved to full-time. Taylor is possibly the most resourceful person on The Squad.

You might have noticed by the last name, Taylor is married to Brooke). When he’s not making hay at The Squad, there’s a good chance you’ll find him watching a Christopher Nolan movie or working on his latest project in the Wood Shop.

Strength Finders Top 5:

Competition | Relator | Achiever | Input | Self-Assurance

What song or artist could you listen to all day long?

I could, and probably have, listen to Miles Davis all day.

Have you ever been told you look like someone famous? Who was it?

People say I look like Ryan Reynolds, but...

If you had 25 hours a day, how would you use your extra time?

Am I the only person with 25 hours? Does everyone else just freeze during that time? I think my answer depends on that a bit...

What skill do you think everyone should have?

How to have a decent conversation. I'm not saying I have this skill, but it seems handy.

What is your favorite meal to cook and why?

Favorite meal TO COOK? Totino's Pizza Rolls.

If you could see one movie again for the first time, what would it be and why?

Interstellar. Who wouldn't want to see their favorite movie again for the first time?

If you could have the power of teleportation right now, where would you go and why?

Mars. I would be the first person there!
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