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Emily has been with The Squad for 4 years and now serves as our Creative Director. We know you'll appreciate her love of ice coffee, making things *pop* and telling stories at the Squad!

Yo! I'm Emily and I am the Creative Director here at the Squad. Here's a little bit about me!

My Background

I went to the University of Louisville and graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design. I went there because my dad works there and I got free tuition - I’m also a big UofL sports fan. My high school offered graphic design classes and I took them because it was an easy A but luckily I found out I really enjoy it and that's what led me to get into the field. I’ve always been creative but I previously thought I couldn’t make money doing something fun like “art”. Turns out you can!

Describe what you do at the Squad

I make things pop.

I design things from print materials, social graphics, full websites, tradeshow booths, and more. Now that I have the creative director title I am also involved in overall team collaboration, big ideas, and leading the team in creative ideation.

What’s your favorite thing about The Marketing Squad?

The culture. We celebrate our core values weekly and abide by them. It’s nice to always have those guiding principles to go when you feel lost or don’t know what the next step should be. We also get a lot of free lunches so that is very fun. 


What’s your favorite food?

Italian. Who doesn’t love cheese, pasta, and bread? It's literally so delicious.

Life Outside of Work

I have a husband whose name depends on who you ask. That’s another story for another time. He’s Stef to me. We got married on our third try (yay COVID Bride!) on 4/3/21. It’s an easy date to remember. We dated for 8 years beforehand. We love going to breweries, watching sports together, and going to the lake with our friends! 




We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about Emily. Next time you see her at the office, give her a wave!

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