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We've grown quite a bit here at The Squad over the past few weeks. You've already met one of our new team members, Michalah, and today we want to introduce you to Glenn Herrera.

Glenn joins The Squad as our Director of Client Development, and after only a few weeks he is already scheduling meetings, coffee connections, and lunch catch-ups left and right. His big focus is building relationships and helping people out - and we love it!

Get to Know Glenn

How did you get connected with The Squad?

Joel and I met at an Iron Bell event and reconnected at a Christian Business Meetup. We were discussing what I was looking for in my next chapter of my career and he enthusiastically said, "You have to talk with Bryce!"

What’s one thing you love about working here so far?

The agency core values that are exhibited by all team members on a daily basis.

What do you like to do for fun?

Consuming great food with friends and family

Playing my guitars across various genres with various folks

Serving in our worship team and other church ministries

Shooting and hunting

Being a good steward of our land

What are your passions as far as your career is concerned?

Being truthful, being helpful and serving the client to best of my ability

Always listening and staying tuned to the client's needs and goals

Building longterm relationships

Anything else people should know about you?

I wasn't born in Kentucky but I got here as soon as I could!

I'm married to a wonderful woman and together we greet and cherish the new life style that God gave us here in The Bluegrass State.


We hope you get to meet Glenn in person soon! Until then, be on the lookout for the introduction of our newest team member, Matt Bitley.

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